March 22

To further add another layer of protection during the Covid-19 virus, Dr. Shelly Garrow is offering her patients another way to check-in for their appointments.

You may now call the office upon arrival to check-in for your appointment and wait comfortably inside your car. When Dr. Garrow and her staff have a room ready for you, they will call you on your cellphone to go directly into exam room. And, as usual, Step Ahead Podiatry is maintaining the strictest of sanitary standards using hospital grade cleaning agents.

Your foot care is vital to maintain your health and strength; especially when you are being treated for wound care, etc.

Dr. Garrow is also offering patients to been seen via Tele-Medicine. Depending upon your foot issues, Dr. Garrow and treat you via Tele-Medicine. Please call the office for more information.

Thank you for all your understanding and patience during these trying times.

We are here for you.

COVID-19 Update

We will be taking every precaution to ensure our offices are safe for our patients and staff. We have less than 10 patients in our office at any given time.

We ask that patients wait in their car after checking in and we will call you on your cell phone when your room is ready.

We are diligently cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in the office regularly.

We are handwashing and using hand sanitizer before and after every patient encounter.

We are screening our patients regarding travel and if they have traveled by plane or cruise, we are asking them to reschedule to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are rescheduling any patients with any symptoms to prevent sharing of any illnesses.

We are keeping informed by checking the CDC website and via emails from the Health first hospital systems who are in contact with Brevard County Health Department.

Please be diligent and safe during these trying times. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Step Ahead Podiatry team